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Specialised Personnel Consultancy
Rail & Transport

We are an owner-managed personnel consultancy with specialisation in the railway industry and the related transport sector. We are looking for qualified executives and experts for direct employment with our clients in Germany and abroad.

Experience and competence in the planning, development and construction of rail vehicles and rail infrastructure as well as in railway operations have distinguished us for 27 years now.

What characterizes us

  • We are a personnel consultancy exclusively specialised in the railway sector
  • We have been in the market since 1985 and in the course of time have accumulated 27 years of expertise in more than 750 search projects for Rail & Transport
  • We act as a Single Point of Contact – this means value creation from a single source
  • We have cross-sector know-how with long-lasting personal contacts at all levels
  • We are able to find solutions even in market bottlenecks
  • We look back on a history of trust both with clients and candidates

Executive Search
Rail & Transport

2024 / 1985

„Success requires the right minds.“, Following this guiding principle since its foundation, the Executive Search personnel consultancy built up by Dieter Feige quickly gained a face. At first, it were mainly Asian clients who aimed at successfully establishing production facilities or branches in Europe and were looking for high-profile executives from their industries with an appropriate cultural understanding.


Our involvement in Rail & Transport began with the liberalisation of the railway sector. In this phase, we started looking for executives in many disciplines and trades, who were able to actively shape change processes. In this context, we were able to develop our understanding of the comprehensive „railway system“ and expand our sector know-how regarding infrastructure and operations by including the segment of rail vehicle technology. For 27 years now, the railway market has been our fixed constant, which has gradually developed into our current exclusive consulting focus and thus shapes what we do today:

Executive Search Rail & Transport

What we commit
ourselves to

We feel equally committed to both our clients and our candidates as a trustworthy and long-term partner. For this purpose, we maintain intensive contacts at all levels in the railway industry and are thus able to provide a solid initial market assessment for both sides in advance.

With the mandate, your wish to successfully fill a position becomes our goal, for which we also access our industry network, contacts gained at trade fairs, congresses and specialist events as well as our extensive experience from previous search projects in addition to the direct approach of suitable candidates.

Should it become apparent from the available personnel potentials on the market that not all of the desired selection criteria can be realised, our cross-functional industry know-how nevertheless enables us to show you further solution paths to qualified candidates and offer you a tangible added value also in this respect. Our goal will always be to successfully and sustainably fill your vacancy and thus find „the right mind“ for your success.

Sector focus
Rail & Transport

Rail infra­structure

  • design, planning
  • components + systems
  • construction (execution + supervision)
  • operation (RIC)
  • maintenance

signalling, telecommunications, power supply (110 kV), electrical power systems (50 Hz), traction current (16.7 Hz), overhead contact lines for (slab) tracks / superstructure, sleepers, rail fastening systems, traffic installations, structural engineering, rail grinding, rail milling, rail welding, construction logistics, noise / vibration protection, ticket / payment systems, track construction warning systems

Rolling stock

  • development
  • manufacturing
  • suppliers (components + systems)
  • testing / certification, homologation, safety
  • maintenance / ECM
  • retrofitting, refurbishment

Locomotives, railway construction machines, track construction machines, catenary installation vehicles, traction units, wagons, bogie, braking systems, door systems, TCMS, vehicle control technology, QM/QA, interoperability (TSI), functional safety, FMEA / FTA, RAMS

Rail freight transport

Rail passenger transport

  • rail logistics (RFT)
  • regional + long-distance traffic (RC), LRPT / LPT
  • railway operations management / SMS
  • plant shunting service
  • ports / harbours, intermodal transport
  • maintenance / workshop
  • Leasing (Asstes)
  • bid management / tender
  • traffic planning

Customer structure

  • rail vehicle manufacturers
  • railway construction machines
  • waggon manufacturers
  • component + system manufacturers
  • electrical railway equipment
  • signalling
  • railway safety technology (CST + LCPS)
  • engineering offices / engineering service providers
  • railway construction companies
  • operators (RC + RIC)
  • maintenance companies / workshops
  • track technology (rail fastening systems, rail welding, rail grinding, rail milling)
  • track warning systems
  • ticketing
  • leasing
  • dock railway, industrial / plant railway

Areas of

Corporate management

  • Supervisory Board, Advisory Board
  • Executive Board, Managing Director(CEO, COO, CSO, CFO, CIO, CMO)
  • Division Manager, Branch Manager, Plant Manager


  • worldwide search for executives and experts
  • project-related staffing

Management and expert functions

  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • Business Development, Strategy
  • Engineering Design
  • Sales
  • Project Management
  • Marketing, Product Management
  • Railway Operations
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain, Logistics
  • Maintenance Management
  • Contract Management, Claims
  • Quality Management
  • Emergency Management, CRITIS
  • Audit, Fraud, Group Security
  • Digitalisation (Industry 4,0 / IoT)
  • Occupational Safety, Health, Environment (SHE)
  • Diversity