Executive Search Rail & Transport


„Success requires the right minds“ following this approach since the foundation, the Executive Search human resources consulting with its base in Düsseldorf established by Dieter Feige quickly grew up reputation. At first it was predominantly Asian clients who wanted to successfully establish themselves by means of production plants and subsidiaries in Europe and therefore required high-ranking executives from the sector with the corresponding understanding of culture.

Managing Director: Dieter Feige


Our engagement in the railway industry starts off with the liberalisation of the railway traffic. At this stage, we had the opportunity to look for all disciplines and trades for executives who were actively involved in shaping the transformation process, and were able to develop our understanding for the comprehensive „ railway system “ as well as expanding our industry know-how from infrastructure and operation by the segment of the rail vehicle technology.


We have been able to bring in our experience from Green + Grey field projects with the motto „ Executive Search Beyond The Border “ by the internationalisation of major railway projects in the Middle East and Asia.


Out of 34 years, the railway industry has been accompanying us for 22 years on a regular basis and has gradually developed to our today’s sole advisory focus and is hence shaping our guiding principle:

„Executive Search Rail & Transport“

The Minds – our company logo

or a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Our trademark, the image of the head, symbolises the centre of a personality. Our understanding of the double-mirrored head is that these are parts of a human being, which embody his mind and emotionality. Apart from the professional competence, our focus is put on these success determinants of every personality. For we are totally convinced that in every specific working environment, only the individually suitable personality can be able to develop to the fullest

What we stand for

We are advisors, who understand companies within our key industry rail & transport across functions and are capable of assessing market and sector developments. In addition we exhibit particular intercultural understanding due to our international experience. Among our long-standing clients from the private and public sectors are medium and large-scale firms, which make use of our services in order to fill challenging positions. In more than 34 years our innermost conviction at this has stood the test.

„Success requires the right minds“