Areas of Emphasis Rail & Transport

Railway Network

Traffic Facilities, Trackwork, Structural Engineering, Signalling, Telecommunication, Power Supply, Traction Power, Electrical Engineering, Catenary Systems, Construction Logistics, Construction Supervision, Railway System / Operations, Geology, Hydrology

  • Design
  • Components + Systems
    Fastening Systems, Sleepers, Slab Track, Catenary, Isolation / Damping, Noise & Vibration, Ticketing / Fare Collection Systems
  • Construction Work + Construction Supervision
  • Operation + Maintenance
    Track System, Signalling, Catenary, Grinding of Rails

Rolling Stock

  • Research & Development, Manufacturing
    Locomotives, Multiple Unit, Railway Construction Machinery, Waggons
  • Supplier (Components + Systems)
    Door Systems, Toilet Systems, Train Control and Management System (TCMS), Passenger Comfort
  • Assessment / Certification, Homologation, Safety
    Interoperability, Functional Safety, FMEA / FTA, RAMS
  • Maintenance / Workshop Management
    Multiple Unit, Railway Construction Machinery, Maintenance Vehicle for Catenary, Waggons

Rail Freight

Transportation Companies nationally + internationally, Intermodal, Harbour, Operations

Rail Passenger Traffic

Long Distance Commuter Service, Metro, Light Rail Traffic (LRT) / Urban Public Transport, Operations, Traffic Planning, Maintenance, Call for Proposals / Tender

Customer Segmentation

Railway Construction Machinery, Waggon Manufacturer, System & Component Suppliers, Hire / Lease, Railway Construction Companies, Engineering Services Provider, Railway Transport Companies, Railway Infrastructure Operators, Ticket Machine Manufacturer